Floor Sanding Specialists North Devon
Floor Sanding Specialists North Devon
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Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter
The Importance of Aftercare
At Floor Sanding Services, my aim is to make sure that your flooring lasts from 10 to 15 years.
This saves you money and means you can enjoy your floor for longer. However, the only way
it will last this long is if you keep up with maintaining your floor after I have restored it.
Follow my simple tips below to keep your floor looking brand new.
Wipe away spills
Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter
    Whenever something gets spilt on your floor, I advise that you wipe it up immediately to prevent the liquid from seeping into the oil and wood which could create a permanent stain. Never use an abrasive cloth to clear up any spillages as this can scratch the wood.
Protect from scratches
Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter
    Scratches and marks are inevitable with wooden floors but I advise removing footwear before walking on the floor. I also suggest you don't drag heavy furniture across the floor, or invest in anti-scratch felt protectors for your furniture.
Sweep surface dust
Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter
    You will always get dust and dirt appearing on your floor overtime. To prevent these particles from marking your floor or embedding itself into the wood, I recommend regularly wiping away dust from the surface with a soft bristle brush.
Regularly deep clean
Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter
    One thing you might need to do if you are starting to see some wear in your floor is a regular deep clean. With a microfibre cloth and pH neutral spray, clean in the direction of the grain. However, don't use a steam mop as this can cause damage.
Floor Sanding Services
If you are considering having you floor professionally renovated feel free to phone or email Tim with any questions you might have. I look forward to quoting for needs and helping you make the right choice for your floor.
  Services Include:
  Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Floor Sanding Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Different Finishes Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Floor Stripping
  Wooden Floor Mainteance Exeter Floor Restoration Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Commercial Floor Cleaning Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Floor Renovation
  Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Wooden Floors Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Domestic Floor Sanding Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter Floor Polishing
Wooden Floor Maintenance Exeter  
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