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We strive to get your wooden flooring back to its original beautiful state, reforming your home and once again making your floor the centre piece to your home.

Exeter Floor Sanding Services  

Sanding Service

Depending on the condition of the floor the correct grade of paper is selected. The sanding process begins with a 40 or 60 grit sandpaper to finish sand with 100 grit. The process for the edges is similar. The floor is then "screened" or finished with a large three disc rotary sander to blend the two processes together. The machines used are of the highest quality, and with Tim's 13 years of sanding and sealing knowledge provide a virtually dust free sanding experience.

On completion the room and floor is thoroughly vacuumed before the finish is applied.

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Exeter Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Exeter



Hardwax Oil Traditional

Highly resistant - Durable - On a base of natural raw materials - Suitable for wood, cork and OSB flooring

The Hardwax Oil is a two-coat system providing a clear natural looking sheen to the floor. That can easily be recoated to without further sanding to renew the surface as required. For example any high traffic areas such as pub floors or restaurants that need a more regular maintenance program.

To learn more about the hard wax oils service we can provide, click here.

Floor Care

Oil and wax based maintenance product - On a base of natural raw materials - Penetrates deeply - Used to maintain oiled floors treated with Treatex® Hardwax Oil Traditional


Highly durable 1Pack Water-based parquet lacquer on a base of acrylic PU. For heavy-duty or medium use flooring.

Highly durable 2Pack Floor Lacquer Water-based on a base of acrylic PU. For heavy-duty flooring

Exeter Floor Sanding ServicesFloor Sanding Services Exeter

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