Floor Sanding Specialists North Devon
Floor Sanding Specialists North Devon
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Floor Sanding Services Floor Sanding Exeter
Floor Sanding Exeter
Step One
Initial sanding of oak floor with professional belt sander. The initial sanding takes place after a full floor inspection to ensure that there are no harmful areas for the sander or yourself.
Step Two
Secondary sand with planetary action finishing sander. Our secondary sand highlights any areas that need attention to ensure the perfect environment for the wax/oil application.
Floor Sanding Exeter
Floor Sanding Exeter
Step Three
Application of Treatex Hardwax Oil on sanded floor. For a perfect finish, the application of the next three steps should be taken with the upmost care.
Step Four
Floor after primer coat is applied. A well applied primer coat ensures depth of colour and the perfect overall finish. Treatex's Hardwax Oils are well known within the flooring community to be one of the best products to use. Providing you with a superior finish.
Floor Sanding Exeter
Floor Sanding Exeter
Step Five
The finished job with a Treatex Hardwax Oil high gloss finish. The customer's preferred choice over a matt finish, ensuring a deep finish with rich colour throughout.
Is your floor in need of maintenance?
If your flooring is starting to look worse for wear and is in need of restoration, please get in touch with Tim at Floor Sanding Services today to discuss your requirements. Depending on your flooring, I can advise the appropriate services necessary.
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