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Floor Sanding Services
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Floor Sanding Services
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Floor Sanding Services
Why Choose Us?
Floor Sanding Specialists Devon    
Experienced and knowledgeable
Bringing over 21 years of experience within the flooring industry to our business, we have extensive knowledge in the subject of finishing wooden floors.
Providing quality and care
With our high quality equipment, we will ensure that we carry out your project with great care and that you get the most out of our finishing process.
    Floor Sanding Specialists Devon
Floor Sanding Specialists Devon    
Professional and personal service
We understand that everyones floor is different and that people want their floor to look in a specific way, that is why we provide a professional service suited to your individual floor.
Lasting up to 15 years
At Floor Sanding Services, our aim is to restore your floor so it lasts between 10 to 15 years, but this is with the help of your regular maintenace after we have sanded your floor.
    Floor Sanding Specialists Devon
Floor Sanding Specialists Devon    
Floors and worktops
Our main service is floor sanding, however, if you have a wooden worktop, we will happily provide our sanding services to restore your kitchen counters back to their original state.
Floor Sanding Services
If you are considering having you floor professionally renovated feel free to phone or email us with any questions you might have. We look forward to quoting for needs and helping you make the right choice for your floor.
  Our Services Include:
  Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Sanding Floor Sanding Services Exeter Different Finishes Floor Sanding Services Exeter Floor Stripping
  Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Restoration Floor Sanding Services Exeter Commercial Floor Cleaning Floor Sanding Services Exeter Floor Renovation
  Floor Sanding Services Exeter Wooden Floors Floor Sanding Services Exeter Domestic Floor Sanding Floor Sanding Services Exeter Floor Polishing
Floor Sanding Specialists Devon  
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