Wood Floor Sanding Floor Sanding
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
NORTH Devon. 01271 814509
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
Wood Sanding Exeter
Worktops & Tables
Ensure your wooden tables and worktops are completely protected against moisture with our specialist sanding services.
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
Sanding & Finishing
We strive to get your wooden floors back to their original beautiful state, making your floor
the centre piece of your home.
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
To protect your beautiful hardwood flooring
in your home, regular maintenance
is essential.
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
Tim Marks is proud to provide a high quality
hardwood flooring repair service to repair light
or more serious damage.
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
We offer a complete hardwood flooring
restoration service to restore your flooring back to
its former glory.
Wooden Floor Sanding Exeter
Providing a complete parquet flooring sanding
and restoration service to bring your
flooring back to life.
Floor Sanding Wellington
Waterbased Finishes
To provide a professional and expert finish
for all jobs, Floor Sanding Services
use waterbased finishes.
Floor Sanding Services

We strive to get your wooden flooring back to its original beautiful state,making it a centre piece once more and transforming your home.

We use professional waxes, oils, or lacquers on all the floors we work on, to give you a lasting stunning appearance. Read about our excellent floor finishes.

  Our Services Include:
  Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Sanding Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Different Finishes Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Stripping
  Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Restoration Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Commercial Floor Cleaning Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Renovation
  Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Wooden Floors Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Domestic Floor Sanding Wooden Flooring Sanding Exeter Floor Polishing
North Devon. 01271 814 509 | m. 07974 747 853
Floor Sanding Services Head Office | 2 Orchard Road | Wrafton, North Devon EX33 2DZ

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