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DraughtEx Floorboard Filler

Exposed floorboards can be a beautiful floor, but wood is a natural material; it can swell and shrink if it isn't cared for. Many homes have gone to the effort of having their floorboards cleaned, sanded, and polished, only to find that the boards don't sit close enough together to keep out draughts.
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Whether it is caused by a lack of attention to detail in the workmanship or simply age and neglect resulting in the wood shrinking, gaps in between the floorboards of a room result in cold draughts. This leaves your room feeling decidely chilly and uncomfortable during winter, it also leads to increased heating bills as you attempt to compensate.

Floor Sanding Services have the answer for you. DraughtEx is a revolutionary floorboard gap filler. Unlike more traditional means of filling gaps in the floor, DraughtEx entirely does away with mess during the installation and will not eventually fail. Floorboard fillers typcially need some sort of adhesive to say in place, and eventually this fails and the filler simply falls out from between the floorboards.

Research carried out by The Energy Saving Trust shows that between £20.00 and £40.00 can be
saved per room every year on heating bills, with an annual CO2 emission reduction of 110kg.

With proven results in effective, long term performance, DraughtEx is a floorboard gap filler that is purposefully designed to provide long-term protection from cold draughts, enchancing energy efficiency of your home and making your rooms feel more comfortable.

DraughtEx does need any adhesives to stay firmly in place and is once installed is hard to see. The colouring of the DraftEx material is designed to naturally compliment the look of your floorboards, simply blending into the shadows between the floorboards. An average 12ft x 12ft (3.66m x 3.66m) room would typically have twenty-five floorboards, leaving a total gap area between them of just under four square foot. Which is as energy efficient as leaving a small window open.

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