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Floor Sanding ExeterExeter floor sanding wooden floor sanding Exeter
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The Professional
Using proven methods we can ensure an end product which satisfies your exact needs, leaving your floor neat, tidy and completely reformed.
wooden floor sanding Exeter Traditional Sheen Exeter floor sanding Lasting Protection
Exeter floor sanding Enhanced Finish Floor sanding Exeter Easier To Maintain
We understand that each floor is different and each client has different needs and applications for wood. With a full range of services available, we can provide a lasting protection to endure the natural or hardwax
finish you desire.

"Sanded floors are both traditional and contemporary. During summer
it's cool and in winter it's warm. No other material satisfies the eye as
natural wood does. It's timber, the floor that has proven it can survive
interior decorating trends and fashions. It's timber, the natural
Naturally Superior Wood Finishes
We work closely with Treatex Hardwax Oils to ensure an enhanced apperance of all types of wooden flooring. With such a wide range of
colours and applications, you can achieve your desired look with added resistance against everyday wear and tear. Our superior hardeners,
mainly used for commercial locations, can also increase surface hardness by at least 10%. For more information about our range of
Treatex Hardwax Oil Treatments, simply contact Tim with your enquiry.
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With over 25 years of full time experience in the finishing of wooden floors, you can be rest assured that I have extensive
knowledge of floor sanding and hardwax oil treatments.

The processes I use and the finishing treatments from Treatex Hardwax Oil work! I know this because over the years, floors
that have been finished by myself have been extensively "road tested" in pubs, restaurants, village halls, hotels and even
royal palaces!

If you are considering having your floor professionally renovated, why not give me a call with any questions
you might have and I will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.

Exeter floor sanding
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